Thermovinification plant for grape juice – Red Hunter


Continuous vinification line for the production of red, rose and deep red wines with a superior alcohol content and a constant quality.


  • Technical objectives
    – Extraction of colour, tannins and aroma.
    – Colour stability.
    – Increased sugar content.
  • Economic objectives
    – Less manpower.
    – Reduction of the room occupied by the equipment.
    – Less energy consumption.


  • High energy saving technology (up to 35% vs the traditional thermovinication systems);
  • High color extraction (RED HUNTER reaches more color intensity in 1 hour than 10 days of cold vinification – ABS at 640 +520 + 420 nm);
  • High tannin extraction (wines obtained with RED HUNTER have almost the same total polyphenols values as 10 days of cold vinification-ABS at 280 nm);
  • Low lees production (about 3-5% v/v), due to the spiralized heat exchangers that treat gently the mash;
  • 24/7 industrial working cycles;
  • The unit is automatically cleaned in place – only once a day without any added external utilities;
  • TMCI Padovan engineers the customer’s existing vinification facilities in order to easily integrate RED HUNTER key components;
  • Complete automatic process;
  • Due to the simple design RED HUNTER has an excellent ratio capacity/price;
  • Standard models are 5-10-20-30-60 t/h.


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