Premix for wine and grape juices


Premix units are designed to assure wine coolers drink preparation by mixing wine with aromatized syrup and carbonation with CO2 injection.

Plant consists of:

  • Aromatized Syrup / Wine mixing zone assured by magnetic or mass flow meters, according to the configuration and related feeding pumps.
  • Static Mixer system downstream flow meters.
  • Carbonation group by CO2 Injector and magnetic or mass flow meter, according to the configuration. Carbonation tank and holding zone.
  • Existing Filler & CIP interface by digital or BUS & NET signals.
  • Integrated filler delivery and CIP return pump. Premix are built in a monoblock compact configuration, and are all equipped with PLC for working recipes selection.

On-line CO2 & Brix degree control upon request.


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