BioM Dynamic filter for Microalgae and Cyanobacteria

  • BioM Dynamic filter, designed primarily for liquid food, fruit juices, chemicals and pharmaceuticals, could be efficiently utilized for the concentration of high density microalgae cultures, of both marine and freshwater.
  • BioM Dynamic is a valid alternative to the utilization of centrifugation or vacuum filtration for the recovery of the biomass in high density microalgae cultures. The yeld is 100% without the utilization of adjuvants and maintaining cells integrity.
  • The suitable starting point is at least 0.5 g/L of dry weight reaching a final concentration even more than 200 g/L DW (80% v/v – 20-25% DW/v) with a possible concentration factor of 400.
  • Separately from the concentrated product, the filtrated liquid coming out during the process contains only the medium of growth purified from suspended solids or contaminants, i.e. algae and bacteria. It still contains eventual residues of nutrients that could be utilized for another cycle of algae cultivation.
  • The specific characteristics of microalgae cells are maintaned without, for example, reduction of pigments. The entire process could occur at room temperature.
  • Long filtration cycles and reduced energy consumption respect with the traditional tangential filtration methods.
  • Modular compact design, easily scalable. Lab scale units have a filtration area of 0.1-0.5 m2. Industrial scale units have standard modules of 20, 28 e 32 m2 that could work in parallel to increase the area of filtration.
  • The cleaning of the units is very simple and rapid, with the utilization of reduced water or low concentrated chemicals volumes.
  • The process is completely automatic with dedicated PLC, automatic valves, control probes. It is possible to add remote control and teleservice.
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