High solids crossflow filter for wine, vinegar, grape juice and dairy – Dynamos


Revolutionary rotary crossflow filter: double performance, half the costs! From lees to bottle! Filtrate recovery up to 95%.

  • The first dynamic rotary crossflow filter with innovative calibrated back-wash system.
  • Filter-aid free alternative to the vacuum and pressfilters for juice and wines lees, as well as for all liquids with high solids content.
  • This cross-flow filtration is actuated with a series of rotary discs that spin themselves into the product to be filtered.It is a self cleaning process and moreover discs are open and fully inspectable.
  • High quality level of filtered product that can be bottled directly as with a traditional cross-flow filter.
  • No red colour reduciton (Absa t 520nm).
  • No oxygen pick-up (with a very limited nitrogen sparging).
  • High nominal flowrates (25-100 l/m2h with lees).
  • Long filtration cycles (up to 96 hours without any cleaning).
  • Very low energy requirement compared to the conventional cross flow techniques.
  • Maximum versatility that allows to filter not only lees but also wines, juices and sugar syrups with superior results compared to the conventional crossflow techniques.
  • Compact and easy to use models, available from 1m2 to 20m2 and multiples.


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