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Form-Fill-Seal Standard

Newpack thermoforming machines are designed and manufactured according to the most advanced technologies, which allow them to strike a perfect balance between safety, respect for environmental regulations, hygiene and economical use.The Form-Fill-Seal Standard Machine starts with a reel of plastic material and forms in into containers, according to the chosen shapes. Then the machine automatically fills the container and seals the lid by thermo sealing.Its sturdy and reliable construction and low maintenance requirements allow to increase productivity and reduce labour employments, also thanks to operator-friendly diagnosis. The Form-Fill-Seal Standard Machine is available in its intermittent model and in its special continuous version. The patented continuous system ensures high output with minimal space between the product and lid inside the containers, thus reducing product oxidation and increasing the product’s shelf life. Without the problems of overflowing linked to most intermittent machines, accurate fill amounts, reliable seals and positive trimming can be easily accomplished.Aiming at optimizing the replacement of expendable supplies, Newpack has designed two systems to change films without wasting time and not requiring the machine to be stopped.
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